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NVA Select is a revisioned look at what is provided to NVA ECNL Discovery Players, as well as those players who strive to be NVA ECNL Discovery Players. This pathway will be offered exclusively to NVA member clubs, Virginia Valor FC and Loudoun Soccer Club. NVA Select is aimed at increasing opportunities for players from member clubs at the U13+ ECNL-R level  who show good progress in their development, have a strong desire to grow as a player, and have the  ability to pursue playing at a higher level but have not been selected to be on the NVA ECNL team. NVA Select  players may be called up as guest players or discovery players for the NVA ECNL team, and the NVA coaching staff  will continuously track NVA Select players progress for future opportunities. 


NVA Select will provide additional opportunity to play and train at higher level of competition while allowing Virginia Valor FC and Loudoun Soccer Club teams to provide more options and similar opportunities to their non-ECNL National Players. We believe in strength in collaboration and the only way to achieve our mission is by working together for the betterment of the players and their overall success as players on and off the field.  

The NVA Select is a supplementary programs well as a development platform that extends the reach and  umbrella of NVA to more players. These are  players who for several reasons, couldn't be part of NVA but needs the  additional high level training environment and opportunities. Players from NVA Select can be pulled up to NVA and will have occasional training sessions with  NVAplayers and staff.

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